Current News Assignment #10

  1. Christian Colleges fight LGBT students’ lawsuit seeking to block Title IX religious exemptions

An LGBT group filed a lawsuit against the Department of Education in an attempt to stop students from getting federal financial aid who go to religious colleges that uphold traditional values. The students who identify as LGBT that are represented by the group want the Title IX religious exemption to be taken away. Alliance Defending Freedom is working to allow students attending traditional Christian colleges to still receive financial aid, filing a motion this past Friday to get involved with the lawsuit and try to preserve the exemption.

2. The Church Is Essential: Supreme Court Lifts COVID Restrictions on California Churches

The Supreme Court stopped California’s COVID restrictions on location and capacity for worship services this past Monday. The Supreme Court has been upholding the free exercise of religion in recent court cases. In California, other indoor events will be allowed including concerts on April 15.

3. Pastor Urges Christians To Seek God For A National Awakening: ‘It’s Our Only Hope’

Pastor Shane Idleman believes that the United States needs a revival. He talks about four ingredients for revival to happen including confession of sin, humility, holiness, and a burning desire for God, drawing from Evan Roberts who led the revival in Wales. The pastor desires for people to surrender completely to God.


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