Current News Assignment #8

  1. Tennessee Man Finds His Lost $1 Million Lottery Ticket In Parking Lot

Nick Slatten discovered with great excitement that he had bought the winning ticket worth over $1 million dollars, but he later lost it after running errands. He went looking for it, and he found it in the parking lot of the auto parts store that he had visited. Slatten and his fiancée want to continue working, get better cars, buy a house, and invest with the money.

2. Taiwanese official begs people to stop changing their name to ‘salmon’ for free sushi

A chain of sushi restaurants called Akindo Susiro in Taiwan announced free food on Wednesday and Thursday to people with the name “Salmon,” prompting many people to legally change their names. About 150 people legally changed their name by filing paperwork for less than $3 to get up to hundreds of dollars worth of free food, and now have one less time to change their name with a national maximum of three. Officials are unhappy with the wasted paperwork and warn people to be more careful about changing their names, since these customers intend to change their name right back after the sale.

3. New invasive species emerges in Florida — a 10-foot-long river monster

A dead arapaima was found in Florida which is not native there, and arapaima would cause problems to the ecosystem if there are more. There are probably no other arapaima in the area, but it is too soon to tell. Arapaima are like fish monsters and would kill the fish that are important to the economy.


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